The Process

XOXO (Kristina Kaiser): Making Creativity Your Full-Time Work

March 09, 2022 Season 1 Episode 2
The Process
XOXO (Kristina Kaiser): Making Creativity Your Full-Time Work
Show Notes

Welcome to the Episode 2 of the  podcast, The Process, with Siena, featuring an in-depth conversation with artist and community powerhouse Kristina Kaiser. 

Kristina Kaiser is a multi-media artist, creative consultant, and museum professional. She has been living and creating in Rochester, NY for most of her life. In 2013 Kristina earned a BFA in Studio Arts: Painting with a dual major in Art History from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Kristina is widely exhibited in the Rochester area and has been directing the Yards Collective since 2017. Acting as an art administrator Kristina has developed programming to help support and encourage emerging artists to reach creative success. 

Check out her creative work:


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