The Process

Yen Ospina: The Strange Beauty of Being Human

April 13, 2022 Siena Facciolo Season 1 Episode 3
The Process
Yen Ospina: The Strange Beauty of Being Human
Show Notes

Welcome to my open, vulnerable conversation with artist and healer Yen Ospina. We discuss her astounding artwork and creative process, highlighting the beauty and power of women of color, intergenerational trauma, and methods of healing. 

Yen Ospina is the daughter of Colombian born immigrants who came to the United States in order to provide a better life for their child. As a proud LATINX queer artist, Yen enriches the lives of those around her through her unique and captivating work. A multi-talented artist, she creates in multiple mediums and scales - from digital prints to community murals. Her work centers on themes of power, mysticism, and visibility. She utilizes a core color palette of ochre, chocolate, cinnamon red, earthy orange, and a deep dusty teal that makes her diverse body of work instantly recognizable as done in her hand. 

Check out her work:


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