The Process

Anthony Siciliano: How to Heal from Burnout

June 08, 2022 Siena Facciolo Season 1 Episode 5
The Process
Anthony Siciliano: How to Heal from Burnout
Show Notes

Songwriter and band leader Anthony Siciliano talks about his practice routine, how to find true balance living a creative life, and more in this delightful conversation. 


After years of vagabonding through the states, singer-songwriter Anthony Siciliano returned to his home city of Rochester, New York, and began to build Head to the Roots - an original roots rock music project. With humble beginnings as a one man band, Anthony performed live around the area while also producing two EP’s, Transitions and Seeker, which were recorded in the likes of his bedroom and parent’s basement. Now, Head to the Roots has evolved into a four-piece band. They perform on some of Rochester’s most renowned stages, they are touring through the North East, and are currently working on recording a new album.

Anthony’s Work:

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