The Process

Lilac Milk: Constantly Expanding

September 14, 2022 Siena Facciolo Season 1 Episode 8
The Process
Lilac Milk: Constantly Expanding
Show Notes

Lilac Milk (photographer, filmmaker & musician) encourages us to not settle for anything less than doing what we love. 

Check out Lilac’s work:

Winter Woods Music Video:

Lilac Milk, is a photographer, filmmaker, and musician based in Ithaca, NY. Her freelance work concentrates on making media for music artists— concert photography/videography, and music videos. Her artistic expression ranges from performed self portraiture to songwriting and producing music. She grew up in France and later in Syracuse, NY, and graduated college in 2019 with a film, photo, and visual arts BFA from Ithaca College. She lives with her awesome musician partner TJ Schaper and their adorable Great Dane, Hugo. 


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